Mentorship plays an important role in the personal and professional lives of youth. Through mentorship, our youth will experience kinesthetic learning that will help them achieve their full potential and establish themselves in society.

Our mentorship does not end upon graduation. It is optional post-graduation, but always available.

We recruit youth when they are aging out of the government care system and provide guidance and training, to help them transition from a life of dependency to a life of preparation and independence.

We help youth strengthen the very foundations of each domain, learn about, and apply them into their daily lives. This allows youth to overcome any challenge they come across throughout their independence journey.

Program Description

Goal: To assist youth and their mentor in progressing through a program involving the Six Domains: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial and Professional with a view to “youth having at least one consistent, caring adult in their life”.

The Six Domains







How it helps the community

We partner with community-based organizations to bring light to available community resources and encourage youth to be more engaged with current and upcoming opportunities to become community leaders.

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